Airy blockbuster with gruesome ending turns viewers away from Netflix


On paper, there was a lot to love about Louis Leterrier’s hug in 2013 Now you see me. It came with a decent $75 million budget, a package filled from top to bottom with talent and star power, not to mention a concept premise so ingenious it’s a wonder no one thought of it. previously.

People love heist thrillers, they love action blockbusters, and they love trying to figure out the machinations behind magic tricks, so throwing all three into the crucible was an intoxicating notion. Do not mistake yourself, Now you see me is very entertaining and great fun, but the wheels come off like the eyes when it’s time for the tale to end.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco trade beards and measure their figurative d*cks as the Four Horseman, who use their impressive show as a front to pull off impossible heists. Federal agent Mark Ruffalo teams up with Interpol agent Melanie Laurent to track them down, while Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman bring the gravity as a pair of longtime veteran rivals.

now you see me

It’s literally all the fun and games for two-thirds of the operating time, with Now you see me without even trying to treat the events with any degree of seriousness, which was exactly the right decision. However, the multitude of twists, turns and revelations that define the final 30 minutes range from the inexplicable to the downright silly, putting a real damper on what was a light and windy frolic up to this point.

Netflix subscribers are undeterred, at least judging by the platform’s most-watched list. According to FlixPatrol, Now you see me scored multiple Top 10s across the globe, but there’s no sleight of hand involved this time.


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