A small pint-sized house perfect for cozy movie nights


Although French tiny houses are still very compact due to the country’s strict towing laws, Baluchon goes to great lengths to maximize living space with his models – and this is also the case with his recently completed Farniente. The small house contains a relatively large kitchen, a living room with a film projector and a pull-down screen, as well as a small porch outside.

The Farniente is based on a twin axle trailer and is finished in cedar. It measures a total length of only 6 m (19.6 ft). To put this in perspective, a typical small house in North America typically exceeds 9m (30ft), while some, like the Canada Goose, grow to lengths of 13m (43ft) or more.

Access to the house is through the porch (which has a small seat), directly into the living room. Decor here is simple and clean, and the space includes a sofa bed that doubles as a rollaway in a pinch. The living room also has a projector for watching movies on the adjacent kitchen pull-down screen.

This kitchen looks quite spacious, by small French house standards, and contains a fridge / freezer, wine rack, neat sliding dining table, cupboards, but only one electric hob for cooking, this that seems like a strange choice. The bathroom is nearby and includes a shower, sink and toilet.

Le Farniente has a home cinema configuration with a projector and a scrolling screen


There is only one bedroom in the Farniente, which is accessed by a staircase that contains built-in storage spaces and is positioned above the kitchen worktop. The bedroom itself is a simple little house-style loft bedroom with a low ceiling and even more storage space. There is also another small attic elsewhere in the small house which is used for storage.

The little house will now serve as a full-time residence for its owner in Loire-Atlantique, in the west of France. While we have no word on the price of this one, Baluchon’s models start at € 80,000 (around US $ 93,000).

Source: Baluchon


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