5 great anime to stream on Crunchyroll in May 2022


Crunchyroll is arguably the definitive streaming platform when it comes to exclusively watching anime, especially after the streamer merged content from Funimation with it.

The currently available catalog is impressive as is, including for those who want to catch up on new and ongoing series soon after they air in Japan. But Crunchyroll continues to add more anime series to its backlog. May will see several medium classics roll out, and that’s in addition to writer Tatsuya Endo’s current hit manga adaptation. Spy x Family by animation studios Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

Trigun (episodes 1-26)

As for anime classics, Trigun is a series fondly remembered from the 1990s. The series follows the exploits of a master marksman named Vash, who, ironically, is a pacifist. He is being chased by bounty hunters for the huge price on his head for leaving leveled cities in his wake, but he has no memory of ever doing anything so heinous.

Madhouse’s Animation Studio (Freak, One-punch man season 1, Hunter X Hunter) Trigun was praised for its engaging mix of Western and science fiction genres – similar to cowboy bebop around the same time – along with colorful touches of comic relief and elaboration of Vash’s mysterious past and moral alignment.

The 26 episodes of Trigun will be available to stream on Crunchyroll on May 17.

Space Dandy (seasons 1-2)

Dandy with the colorful supporting cast in the background from Space Dandy key art.

An original animated series, studio Bones’ space dandy is a campy and vibrant sci-fi game. The show follows the explosive exploits of Zapp Brannigan’s titular alien hunter, Dandy, as he travels the galaxy in search of rare and unregistered aliens alongside his fellow robot QT and alien-like companion. a Meow cat.

Any anime fans looking for a colorful and upbeat palette cleanser should be very pleased. space dandy26 episodes. The anime was well received for its entertaining episodic story structure and unabashedly indulging in satirical and whimsically juvenile humor.

The two seasons of space dandy will be available to stream on Crunchyroll on May 10.

Black Lagoon and Roberta’s Blood Trail (seasons 1-2 and OVA episodes 1-5)

Split image of Revy and Roberta in key art from Black Lagoon and Roberta's Blood Trail.

Rei Hiroe’s manga is still ongoing, but the 24 episodes black lagoon The Madhouse anime is still worth watching as a smaller story. black lagoonThe premise and intense action will surely appeal to those looking for a darker seinen anime to stream. The story begins with an unremarkable Japanese businessman named Rokurou Okajima, but it doesn’t last long.

In an attempt to get adventurous and travel to see new sights in Southeast Asia, he ends up getting kidnapped by – and later joining – the titular mercenary group. This anime series eventually spawned a five-episode OVA (original video animation) titled Roberta’s Blood Trailcentered around the titular assassin-turned-maid of the main series.

The two seasons of black lagoon and its five OVA episodes Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail will be available on Crunchyroll on May 17.

Initial D (seasons 1-4)

Takumi leaning on his iconic Toyota AE86 in key art from the Initial D anime.

Shuichi Shigeno’s Street Racing Manga Initial D was a cult classic that began in the 90s and continued until 2013. The series was adapted by multiple animation studios over six seasons, following Takumi Fujiwara and the world of Japanese street racing underground.

At first, it seems that Takumi is uninterested in cars and street racing before it is revealed that he is the most skilled driver in the area operating in secret and in the guise of a simple tofu delivery boy. . Initial D was a manga icon for the street racing genre and would-be fans should find much to be pleased with the series, especially those looking for a Fast & Furious equivalent.

Season 1 of Initial D will be available on Crunchyroll on May 10, followed by seasons 2 and 3 on the 17th and season 4 on the 24th.

Spy x Family (Ongoing)

Loid, Yor and Anya Forger in action pose key art from the Spy x Family anime.

It was only a matter of time before Tatsuya Endo Spy x Family would be suitable. The spy-thriller shounen manga is one of Shounen Jump’s most successful series on its Jump+ digital service thanks to its irresistibly charming cast of characters, premise, and touching “found family” theme underneath. . Wit Studio veteran studio (The attack of the Titans seasons 1-3, Vinland Saga) and CloverWorks (Fate/Grand Order, The promised never-never land) brought to screen the biggest black op Agent Twilight has ever done – and it’s running in a family.

Assuming the alias Loid Forger, Twilight embarks on a high-stakes mission to quell political strife while faking family dynamics with Yor Briar, Anya, and their dog, Bond. However, things get complicated because each member of the family has something to hide from the others.

The first part of Spy x Family Season 1 is underway on Crunchyroll, with the second part premiering in October to help round out 2022’s busy year of new high-profile anime.

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