4 Myths About Natural Disasters Movies Want Us To Believe


Which is just amazing because it shouldn’t be possible at all. You can see the eye of a storm inside a hurricane or cyclone – called the “stadium effect” because it feels like you’re standing in the middle of a large, calm stadium – but, according to meteorologists, it is impossible to see one from inside a tornado. You see, while hurricanes are pretty damn huge, tornadoes are relatively small and narrow, which means any lull in its center probably won’t last long enough to cut out all the audio, report the Profound Movie Score, and let someone enjoy. ‘a moment or other significant life.

If anyone experiences a moment of silence, it will be because of the severe drop in atmospheric pressure which burst their eardrums.

Earthquakes don’t open the earth to swallow people’s hole

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a natural disaster movie isn’t that bad if it doesn’t at least exaggerate. Something. Hurricane movie? Cool, let’s make the storm surge blow up a boat and direct it straight to the Golden Gate Bridge. An asteroid hitting our planet? Great, let’s go blow it up and make Ben Affleck a hero of Earth in some way. In general, the public can forgive extreme hyperbole here and there and even accept it if done in good faith. That’s why a movie like San Andreaswith its many freedoms, really tests our forgiving nature.

Pictures from Warner Bros.

Honestly, Godzilla wouldn’t look out of place in this photo.

Here is, for example, what is happening here:


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