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No one could believe that one day actor Unni Mukindan would write and sing for films, direct and produce films and become an acting sensation in all South Indian languages. But after 10 years of his successful acting career, the circle has come full circle for the most enchanting figure in the Malayalam film industry.

Perhaps 10 years in the film industry is not a very long period in an actor’s career. But Unni has learned many lessons. His innocence and his childishness have disappeared for maturity and dedication. He is now actively involved in the entire process of making a film. “I’m not a single actor anymore. It took me six years to understand cinema. But even now I think I have to learn a lot. I have to experience more different roles. I’m happy with everything I do. have accomplished in my career so far. But I have to take this learning process with me in the years to come, ”said delighted Unni to Manorama.

Bhramam’s role rewarded

“Prithviraj called me for the movie” Bhramam “. Raju said that the role would be good for me. The good reception of the teaser and the trailer of the film proved it. I played with Raju for the first time. We developed a good relationship while filming the movie. Then he called me to star in his Mohanlal-starrer director company ‘Bro Daddy’. ‘Bhramam’ will be released on October 7. Release his plans.

Makeover in South India

“Films in other languages ​​of South India, of course, have more commercial value. My first film was in Tamil. Then I took a good break from films in Malayalam. I did. some good Malayalam movies. I’ve done three Telugu movies. Now a Telugu solo action movie is on the court. ”

As a producer

Unni wanted to start his production company five years ago. But he did not take off then according to his plan. The film planned for Unni Mukundan Films (UMF) was a film directed by Vysakh. But once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it couldn’t continue. Then his banner started the work of ‘Meppadiyan’ led by Vishnu Vijayan. The film is now preparing for release.

A dietician too

“I am not a professional dietician. But what I have learned from my experience is shared with others. I am so happy that many times my advice has worked wonders among my friends. All other things in life can do. be achieved easily, except good health. Health, once lost, is difficult to recover. ”

Unni Mukundan

The director’s passion

Unni Mukundan is eager to put his signature in every area he works. Making films has always been a passion for him. He hopes to make a film soon. Making a superhero movie for kids is his dream.

Lots of offers

His new film ‘Meppadiyan’ is about to be released. The Telugu film “Khiladi” is also set for a big premiere on screens in South India. With films like ‘Twelfth Man’, ‘Ek Din’, ‘Pappa’ by Vishnu Mohan, ‘Santhosham’ by Shafeeq, Udaya Krishna-Siby K Thomas’ ‘Bruce Lee’ in the works, the unstoppable journey of Uni Mukundan to the success continues.


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