10 movies that ended way too soon


Brevity is the soul of the mind, that’s what the saying goes. There is something to be said about when to end a movie while leaving audiences wanting more, especially given the fact that blockbusters seem to get longer and more bloated on average year on year.

But sometimes filmmakers go a little too far with their “restraint”, as viewers really feel left out in the end.

While there are often external factors to blame – namely troubled production or interference from management – these 10 movies all ended much sooner than most would have liked.

In some cases, it’s clear the production ran out of time or money and just didn’t deliver a third act, while others were clearly preparing for a sequel that ultimately never happened.

Whatever the reasoning, these movies all had a lot more story to tell, but instead they scrolled through the credits as audiences prepared for the real finale.

While many of these films were still quite entertaining, in others the abrupt and sudden ending left viewers with a bitter taste in their mouths, perhaps even feeling like their night at the movies had been ruined …

Can movie endings really to be more anti-climatic than that of Jurassic Park III?

After 80 minutes of the highly anticipated trio, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and his fellow survivors on Isla Sorna make their way to the coast, where they are greeted by the Marine Corps and Navy, who have been called in by Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern, in disappointing cameo form).

At this point it looks like the movie is gearing up for a third act of battle between the island’s remaining dinosaurs and a fleet of throwaway soldiers, but the movie just ends….

Not to surprise anyone, the film had major production issues as it started shooting without a completed script, where the ending hadn’t even been written yet.

Director Joe Johnston has considered leaving the project on several occasions, ultimately calling the shoot “a living hell on a daily basis.”

Given that the final film is only 92 minutes long including credits, it’s painfully obvious that audiences were deprived of the action and excitement of an entire act. Awful.


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