10 horror movies that only work in theaters


In the age of streaming and video on demand, you can watch movies just about anywhere these days. On your laptop in bed. On your phone on the bus. On the toaster while waiting for your breakfast. It’s fair game.

But nothing will ever surpass the magic of cinema.

The movie theater is where dreams come true, a portal to a world of action, romance and adventure that holds a special place in the hearts of anyone who’s ever been there.

Despite struggling in recent years, the movie house business is still alive and that’s because some movies just need to be seen on the big screen.

Horror is a genre that lends itself perfectly to a movie theater environment. Watching movies in a theater means there are no distractions from the outside world, forcing viewers to pay more attention to what’s on the screen. The tension is higher, the suspense is greater, the scares are scarier.

These ten films were all made to be consumed in this way. Watching them while they’re in the bathroom just isn’t enough.

A “jumpscare” is defined on Wikipedia as a technique “intended to frighten the public by startling them with a sudden change in image or event, usually accompanied by a loud, harsh sound”.

In short, it’s someone who pops out from behind something to say “boo!” so strong that you defile yourself.

The best way to experience a jumpscare is in the conditions created by a cinema. Their lack of external light and sound allows you to focus more on what’s happening on screen, which means you’ll be more caught off guard when something unexpected happens.

The perfect film to prove this is Sam Raimi’s 2009 film Drag Me To Hell. This wicked story is about loan officer Christine who tries to escape a demonic curse placed on her by a despised gypsy.

There are plenty of nervous moments, like when Ganush (the gypsy) appears in Christine’s tool shed. Or when Ganush appears in his bed. Or when Ganush appears on his phone screen.

Seems like audiences should have been ready for Ganush to show up all the time, but it’s still creepy every time she shows up.

A tense scarefest of a horror legend, Drag Me to Hell deserves your full attention.


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